We are a professional roofing contractor in Lexington, KY. Trusted by local residents & contractors. The appearance on your roof is not the only thing we focus on, but also its operation. Having a professional roofing contractor like No Bull Roofing Construction to help you with your roofing, we will make sure you end up with an amazing roof that will last you many years to come!

No matter the weather conditions, our roofing contractors at No Bull Roofing Construction, can provide you with a durable roof. Over time roofs began to get old or may need repairs or a new roof installation, we are the perfect roofing contractors for the job.

Experienced Lexington Roofer Near You!

With several years of experience as a roofing contractor in Lexington, KY, we have the ability to set you up with the perfect roof that is right for you and your home. We understand how important your roof is to both the safety of your home and your family. A damaged roof can create wood rot and mold growth, damaging the structure of your home. Over time as the damage increases, your home will not only decrease in value but it will also be insufficient in sheltering your family. To ensure that your roof continues to do the job it promised, contact No Bull Roofing Construction in Lexington, KY.  We’ll make sure we get your roof perfect the first time. As a professional and experienced roofing contractor in Lexington, KY we can make repairs to your current roof or install a new roof. At No Bull Roofing Construction, we work hard to make sure that your new roof is doing what it is supposed to: protect you and your family.

Our services include the following:

    – Flat Roofs repairs

    – Flat Roof Installations

    – Built-up Roofs

    – New Shingles

    – Re-Roofs

    – Storm Proofing

    – Shingle Removal

    – Shingle Recovers


At No Bull Roofing Construction, we provide you with excellent services as your roofing contractor in Lexington, KY. We are dedicated to providing top quality services and 100% customer satisfaction. For the best roofing contractor in Lexington, KY, contact the professionals at No Bull Roofing Construction today!

Roofing Contractor in Lexington, KY Roofing Contractor in Lexington, KY

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